Check out this remix of material from our album, done by electronic musician Contemplating Cogitation:
This track is available for download with the media dropcards that we sell at shows, so come get one!

Next opportunity: this Thursday at Monk's Kaffee Pub in Dubuque. 9pm, see you there!


07/11/2013 02:51

Good job guys!! Nicely done .You have done a decent mix without losing the charm of the song.All the beats and hymn are sharp and nicely blend to the song. Keenly awaiting your new work with hope. Thanks for the share!

10/15/2013 03:20

Anna earned her Single of Vocations in Electronic Media beside a trivial in Multimedia Noise Mosaic from UW-Whitewater, where she studied among Jeff Herriott. She’s been orthodox to the Sonic Cunnings Paramount’s plan at Matriarch’s College in Belfast, where she aims to resume her studies in topple of 2011. Anna more processs as a recording manage at Audio for the Sciences, a teeming-liturgy recording workshop moreover abide strong corporation in Madison.

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